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We are looking for 10,000 + people to support “The Plan” to reduce, by 50%, the number of domestic violence arrests in Montgomery County.  JOIN OUR TEAM and SUPPORT THE PLAN:

Check the buttons below where you can help 2000 Plus.

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I/We can at times help with the monthly Restaurant Sponsorships whereby a % of the amount spent at their establishment is donated to 2000Plus, Inc. Participating Flyers can be printed from our website or will be emailed to you.
I/We will walk and encourage others to participate in our annual 2000 Plus Walk, whenpossible, on the first Saturday in November.
I/We will provide an email address to receive 2000 Plus updates:
$5 donation each year
I/We will help find people to support "The PLAN" for reducing domestic violence in our county.
I/We will place a Promotional Sign in our front yard and/or business beginning October 15th of each year to help promote our walk event. [One time $5 donation.]
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You can get the Restaurant coupons here and donate $5 using the PayPal button below, or go to the Donate page for Mugs and other ways to donate.

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