Mashed Potato or Gravy Walk

2000 Plus Men Against Domestic Violence 2-Mile Mashed Potato or 1-Mile Gravy Walk

November 4, 2017 – 9AM Check-in; 10AM Walk


Show your support for reducing Domestic Violence in Montgomery County, Ohio. 2000 Plus, Inc., a non-profit all volunteer 501(c)(3) organization, is establishing 50 selected “walk sites” around our county. We want 200+ people walking at each location, all on the same day each year; the first Saturday in November. No cost or fee is required. This is not a fund-raising event. We look forward to your participation.

Once a year — the first Saturday in November — get some exercise, spend an hour, make a statement for reducing Domestic Violence in our county.

If you can’t walk a mile, ask someone to walk in your place. Coffee and donuts are provided.

No Fees

Register for the November 4, 2017 walks here.

Our locations for 2017 include the 2 sites listed below.

The South YMCA route map

Trotwood (Madison Park Elementary)

Map of the walk sites 

Why do this event:

Whether male or female, we want to introduce you to our program: “2000 Plus Men Against Domestic Violence”. We are seeking volunteers as well as financial contributions. Through your efforts, the Miami Valley will hear our concern for domestic violence and give our residents tools to reduce it. Join us as we “exercise” our concern for domestic violence. Please consider becoming a part of this wonderful program and reducing domestic violence in the Miami Valley.